The Album
1. Sleeping On The Job (Rossi/Young)
2. Tallulahs Waiting (Rossi/Young)
3. Crazy For You (Rossi/Young)
4. One Step At A Time (Rossi/Johnson)
5. Here I Go (Rossi/Johnson)
6. Faded Memory (Rossi/Young)
7. Strike Like Lightning (Rossi/Young)
8. Rolling Down The Road (Nicholas Rossi)
9. Caroline (Rossi/Young)
10. If You Believe (Rossi/Young)

TRACK BY TRACK - Francis Rossi on "One Step At A Time"

Sleeping On The Job
This is actually the only song that was specifically written for this album. The lyrics fit so well with the tone and meter of the music. There's a solo in it I love, it should be used as the theme song for a TV show. I wrote this one with Bob Young.

Tallulah's Waiting
I was trying to write a Blues track, along similar lines to the Quo track "All We Really Wanna Do", which itself echoes a track by Marmalade. The lyrics to this song started with the chorus, which really gives it some punch. My daughter is called Keira Tallulah, and this is song is a reference to me constantly calling the kids from a tour and telling them I would be home soon - it's all they ever heard from me.

Crazy For You
This song popped up when I was in the midst of a writing session for a Quo album. Whilst it is along the lines of "Good Girl" it ended up in Chris Rea territory! The creation of this song really allowed me to pull the whole album together and create a sound for it. A great singer called Amy Smith does the vocal on it - she's a Scouser like my mother - and that gave me a different angle. I ended up with a sound like Quo mixed with Manhattan Transfer and realisation that I had created a style that worked spurred me on to finish the album.

One Step At A Time
One afternoon - years ago when I was in my 20s - the doorbell rang at home. I opened it and a man called Guy Johnson was standing there with a notebook. "I write songs," he said. Against my better judgement I let him run through some his material. It was terrible. I gave him a few suggestions and then sent him on his way. He came back a few weeks later with some brilliant material - I was pretty surprised I can tell you. There's a very simple piano intro to this song that just works. I'm in love with this song! We got Amy in again and she brought some real flavour to it. I haven't done anything as good as this for years. I think it makes a great title for the album, I liked "Strike Like Lightening" too but, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm more of a "One Step At A Time" person!

Here I Go
This was written in Jersey with Guy. I could not initially find the right way to record this but eventually, approaching it from a completely different angle, we made it work. I'm mad for this song; I love its quirkiness.

Faded Memory
Bob Young I had spent the day working on lyrics when this song really appeared from nowhere. At the time I was trying to give up the cigarettes and was down to about one a day. Bob was about to leave, my wife had the pasta on, and I decided to have my ciggie. I almost fell on the floor due to the nicotine rush. I went straight to the piano and this sing just rushed out. Luckily Bob was there to write it all down. I said to him, "I don't know what it means or where it came from, it's just faded memories".

Strike Like Lighting
This song grew out of a riff that I came up with one evening, during one of my endless practice sessions in front on the TV. I thought, "I like that!" Bob and I sat down to do some lyrics and, once we had the title, we just built it up from that phrase.

Rolling Down The Road
This is a song that my son Nicholas wrote a few years ago and I've always loved it. He plays on the track, and he'll be in the band when we play live - as will Rhino's son Freddie. I love that I can now talk to my kids about music and involve them; sometimes I forget to enjoy that. That's another reason this album is important to me.

I thought it would be funny to do a shuffle version of "Caroline". It'll be hilarious to open the shows with it as Quo have opened with "Caroline" for so long. It's a bit tongue in cheek, obviously.

If You Believe
This was written on the piano. I love or Waltz time, though my songs always sound like the Eagles or a Country number. Songs that I write on the piano are different to those that come from experimenting on the guitar - probably because I'm a much better guitarist than I am a pianist! With this song, as it was not written for Quo, I was able to follow my nose and just let the track evolve. I ended up with a nice ballad that I would not normally have come up with.